Everything Changes, Nothing Ever Changes: demonstrating it successfully endures the test of time, a brand reaches the legitimate right to pronounce (slightly) solemn words. It is simultaneously a mark of wisdom and excitement. It is classical already and still uneasy to coin at once. Lexon is 25 this year. Through the years, Lexon ethos remained faithful to the dreams that initially standed when it started: these emotions that fuel our will to create stay as intense as ever. Nothing has changed. And it is also dramatically different, as our desire for everything that’s new never rests and still triggers our every design moves. To the point that each season, every new talented designer encountered, every invention unable to be translated on our design elds, it feels like we may be starting all anew, each and every time. Identifying functions and needs, organizing fresh environments and striving to match desires, pointing out moments and paying attention to people: here, designing products shall be a process of addressing the people we consider, and ourselves at once. Design becomes this most precise translation, humble and joyful altogether, carrying the idea of life as an ongoing ow which we would be able to celebrate everyday. To that dimension of the momentum shall be added projection, that other synonym of our profession: it is precisely in this ability to stand here and now, foreseeing simultaneously our future and other places, that we wish to imagine all of our work to come.

Founder of Lexon